Cold Lake, Alberta

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do the groups pay for the drivers room on multi day trips? 
    – Yes the group arranges and pays for the driver`s room, as they are already booking multiple rooms and can sometimes negotiate the best pricing.
  • Does the group have to secure parking for the bus at the hotel? 
    – Yes that is very important as the bus takes a lot of space and not all hotels can accommodate. If the bus has to park away from the hotel that could be an inconvenience and added cost to the group.
  • Does the group have to secure plug in space or access to plug in space for the bus. 

    Yes that is also very important in the winter time. If temperatures drops, plugging in is a must as the buses may not start which will create a problem. So always ask the hotel.
  • Can I cancel the trip. 

    The policy is that you can cancel any time up to 48 hours of departure without any charge backs. After that time payment is due in full.
  • How do I pay and is there a deposit required. 

    Prefered payments can be made by Paypal to secure bookings and due in full upon departure.